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 How to teach

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PostSubject: How to teach   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:34 pm

Jin Kazama wrote:
Currently the state of Academies in KCVDS has been and continues to be lacking. There needs to be some sort of education system in order to teach teachers how to be teachers and what to teach.

The Yugioh Judge Program has five levels. The Teacher Certification Program will have four.

At the end of each level, we want the teachers to learn something. Here is what they need to master how to teach by the end of each level:

Level 1: Gameplay
-Basic Gameplay
-Types of Cards
-Intermediate Gameplay
-Playing Field Zones
-Types of Summons
-Advanced Gameplay
-Types of Monster Effects
-Spell Speeds
-Types of Effect Monsters
-Expert Gameplay

A successful applicant must write two short articles (400-600 words) describing two of the above points. They will be marked out of 10, and 75% will be the required pass rate.

Level 2: Rulings and Deck Strategy
-Acceptable proficiency with regards to rulings
-Ability to create decklists with few necessary fixes
-Ability to recognize combos
-Must have had at least 3 (three) proven lectures at level 1 before being able to apply to level 2.

A successful applicant for level two must:
-Prove their proficiency regarding rulings via a test not less than 20 questions and not more than 25, OR be a certified level 1 Rules Judge (with proof) For example:
(Need 80% to pass this test)
-Create an article of 700 words (minimum) describing a specific deck in Yugioh, KCVDS format. It will be marked out of 20. 15/20 (75%) is the pass rate.
-Create an article of 600 words (minimum) describing a single card in KCVDS. The only restriction is that it must not be banned. 15/20 (75%) is the pass rate.

Level 3: The Meta and Professional Play
-Define KCVDS' Meta (within reason)
-Make fixes to decklists and do it well
-Explain why certain decks work and why others do not (Tiers)
-Teach at least 7 proven lectures, 3 of them of Level 2 nature.

The successful applicant must complete the following:
-Another 20 questions about rulings and get 80% right. Having Level 1 in Yugioh Rules will not bypass this test.
-Create an article describing the KCVDS Meta, including past, present and future Metas. This article should be at least 1000 words. It is marked out of 40 and 32/40 (80%) is the pass rate.
-Given three decklists, make changes to each in a manner that allows the deck to be near-perfect standards. Marked out of 10 per deck, the applicant needs at least 80% (24/30) to pass.
-Given a list of 8 different types of decks, sort them into tiers and explain why. This is marked out of 40 and a pass requires 32 (80%).

Level 4: The ability to teach the teachers
-Selected on a need basis.

-The successful applicant must teach at least 12 lectures (4 of which are at level 3) and be willing to help teach this course.
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PostSubject: Re: How to teach   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:35 pm

Must use this format. Post in article section your 2 articles for TCP. I will try to get Jin to join, but if he doesn't, I'll send it to him.
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How to teach
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