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 Swing of Memories

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PostSubject: Swing of Memories   Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:29 pm

Well guys, this is my 1st article, I hope it is of use to you all.

Special Summon 1 Normal Monster from your Graveyard. It is destroyed during the End Phase of this turn.

This card is typical Spell Card, that revives Monsters from your graveyard, like Monster Reborn and stuff. BUT... Unlike it's counterparts... This card isn't limited/banned, which opens doors to tons of opportunities! You can pull off some incredible combos with this card. The one I use most is the Blue-Eyes Demised combo (Named by moi). You can use "Advanced Ritual Art" to send BEWD to grave, and Ritual Summon "Demise, the King of Armageddon". Use his effect and leave your opponent defenseless, then activate "Swing of Memories" to Special Summon that BEWD from your graveyard, and do 5400 damage! Sometimes you can even used that Special Summoned monster for a tribute at the End Phase, completly taking advantage of SOM. You can also combine this card with "Foolish Burial" to easily summon a really powerful monster! This can also be used in any other deck with a good amount of Normal Monsters, either as Tribute Fodder, or just Damage Dealers (Then Tribute Fodder of course). These card also works very well in Gemini-Type Monster decks... You can also cheat, and keep them on the field permantly, with cards that flip them facedown, or removing them for a turn... The best part is... It's... TOTALLY LEGAL!

Card Rulings
If the Normal Monster that was summoned with "Swing of Memories" is flipped face-down, it will no longer be destroyed at the end of your turn, even if it's flipped face-up again during the same turn.
If the Normal Monster that was summoned with "Swing of Memories" is removed from play (With for example: "Intedimensional Matter Transporter"), it will not be destroyed at the End Phase, even if it does come back that very same turn.
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Swing of Memories
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