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 Ruined Demise (Non-OTK) Deck

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PostSubject: Ruined Demise (Non-OTK) Deck   Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:32 pm

This is an old deck, you could also try Ratbox Demise, by adding 3 nimble Momangas Razz

Today, I'll be posting a Demise Deck. I'll do better decks in the future, but apparently I had to cancel my Batteryman Article last second, and started doing this one. lol

This is NOT the OTK version of Demise, but could be easily turned into one if you add some insects.

The main Idea of this deck is getting out Demise as quick and efficiently as possible.

This deck uses lots of ritual spells and monsters. But what do we do if we don't draw either? What we need are Searcher cards, like Sonic Bird, or the Hand Monsters. This allows quick and effiecent way to get you the cards you need, especially Advanced Ritual Art which is now Limited, at the cost of a normal summon. So you should tun plenty of those. Now, the handy Dandy Decklist.

Monsters (20)

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3x Thunder King Rai-Oh (Raiou)
1x Breaker The Magical Warrior
3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
2x Senju of the Thousand Hands
1x Sonic Bird
1x Sangan
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Marshmallon

3x Demise, King of Armegeddon
1x Ruin, Queen of Oblivion

Spells (11)

3x End of the World
1x Advanced Ritual Art
1x Monster Reborn
2x Swing of Memories
2x Magical Mallet
1x Double Summon
1x Heavy Storm

Traps (9)

1x Compulsary Evacution Device
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Dark Bribe
2x Pulling the Rug
2x Threatning Roar
1x Mirror Force

- Most cards in this deck have obvious purposes, others maybe not so obvious. "Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands" can easily search out either a Ritual Monster (Demise) or Spell (End Of The World), "Senju of the Thousand Hands" can easily search out a monster, and "Sonic Bird" can get out the overpowered Advanced Ritual Art. "Sangan" can search out one of those 3 cards. While your collecting your cards, "Spirit Reaper" and "Marshmallon" will keep your opponent at bay. Once your ready activate a Ritual Spell! "Demise, King of Armageddon" could wipe out the entire playing field. But when combined with Swing of Memories and Advanced Ritual Art, this combo is fatal for your opponent's Life Points. Monster Reborn should be in EVERY deck, as it is a staple card, especially for Special Summoning those key monsters. Double Summon also combines well with the Ritual Card Searchers, and "Heavy Storm" is that card that could stop your summons from being negated or destroyed, or both. Like your 2 monsters, "Mirror Force" and "Threatning Roar" will stop your opponent from getting near you, and a well timed "Dark Bribe" COULD be the difference between the King or the end of your Ritual Spell. "Bottomless Trap Hole" will just annoy your opponent, and angry when he's fieldless, and just wasted his turn summon.

- BEWD is the strongest monster in this deck. He's in here for only one reason: Advanced Ritual Art Fodder. Once you Summon Demise and use hs eff, you can "Monster Reborn" him, or use "Swing Of Memories" (Which is the one I prefer). That will do a whopping 5400 damge! If you've seen how many times I've been able to pull this off, you'd be suprised. For another version of an OTK (Which I made up if someone already hasn't). Use "Foolish Burial" on a BEWD, then after you got 2 in there (With Demise on the field), use Demise's effect, and "Monster Reborn" one, and Swing the other, or both. that's 8400 damage. You could also use "Ancient Rules" to Summon BEWD from hand, but I prefer the Revival one.
- "Thunder King Rai-Oh" is in here for beatstick and negating power, but could easily be cut for another card, because his first effect will prevent you from searching out cards. "Jowgen, The Spiritualist" or "Fossil Dyna Pachyapelo" could replace him, but that would hinder Demise itself.. Maybe even "Elemental Hero - Neos Alius". He's used for Tribute Fodder in my deck anyway.
- "Breaker, The Magical Warrior" is the monster we need for removing those pesky S/T, and could be combined with Rai-Oh for an instant Demise, with the correct Ritual Spell of course.
- "Ruin, Queen of Oblivion" is one of the monsters "End Of The World" can summon, but I personally have only summoned her once. The most horrible hand you could have will have Demise and Ruin in it at the same time. It'll get better once you draw the Ritual Spell, and just discard Ruin from your hand. Nice one isn't it? lol
- "Magical Mallet" is for when you draw that bad hand with no Searchers or Rituals, or when you draw BEWD.
- "Pulling the Rug" is the Anti-Meta Card, in a Meta Deck. I added this card during a war, and it's actually proved useful. Too many people use Gadget or Monarchs, or Gadget Monarchs. Imagine their suprise when they see this card.
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Ruined Demise (Non-OTK) Deck
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